Crown Healthcare Medical Equipment   Crown Healthcare Medical Equipment

“Business is about people”. We recognise and reward excellence, and we believe in team work.

Crown Healthcare is managed by a team of young, aggressive, and innovative professionals. We have a team of 100 in three countries, all who are focussed and determined to give the correct solutions on time and every time.

Our team regularly attend foreign / local product training, seminars and workshops.

We believe in continually investing in our team so that we can give the appropriate and timely solutions.

Crown Healthcare

Customer Focus

We are friendly and responsive to clients. We deliver solutions to meet out clients’ requirements.


We believe in individual and corporate honesty. We are accountable to our clients and stakeholders.


We believe in teamwork to enable us achieve our corporate objectives. We share our knowledge and work for the success of the whole team.


We believe that the well-being of the community and the environment is our collective responsibility. We practice good governance to deliver value to our clients, employees and shareholders.


We recognize the talent and contribution of each member of our company.
We appreciate and reward excellence.

Crown Health Care Team

Team work - Crown Football Team
Crown Healthcare Sales Workshop

A Sales Development Workshop in Session


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