All American


All American Electric Steam Sterilizers, models 25X, 50X & 75X. These units are available in either 120 or 240 volts. One of the most important things to note is that the 25X Electric Steam Sterilizer uses a 1050 watt heating element while the other units (The 50X and 75X) each have a 1650 watt heating element.

The Model 50X and 75X uses a 1650 watt heating element. This increased wattage and heating capacity means that the units will get up to operational temperature far quicker than the 25X. Plus, the 50X & 75X have all new electrical controls as well as a new thermostat which is designed to hold a much tighter operating band.

Therefore there will be less variation as the thermostat turns the heating element on and o ffto maintain a certain level of heat. All American steam sterilizers are used world-wide to sterilize a wider range of materials. Temperature, pressure and time are the main factors in this process.

All American Sterilizers make in possible for doctors, dentists, first aid stations, hospitals, laboratories and of course, mycologist to have dependable sterilization facilities in a portable unit at an extremely low cost.

Portable, Economical, Reliable Operation
Metal to Metal Seal
The metal to metal seal eliminates all rubber gaskets.
Pressure Gauge Accuracy
Pressure Relief Valve
UL Approved
Heavy cast aluminum cover and bottom construction
Aluminum inner container with rack
Flexible metal exhaust tube
Dial gauge and control valve
Metal-to-metal seal (no rubber gasket)
Large sterilizing capacity
Complete, effective sterilization at the lowest possible cost
Individual corrugated carton packaging