TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezers



Product Features


Large loading capacity

Maximum Capacity: 600 boxes (2 inch boxes with 10*10 configuration) 60,000 samples can be stored

Optional IoT System

The optional IoT monitors the operating status of the equipment in real time. Equipped with multiple alarm functions and a self-diagnostics system to identify and warns users to ensure sample safety

World-leading Energy Saving Refrigeration Technology

Intelligent frequency conversion technology and HC refrigeration system delivers a 50% reduction in energy usage when compared to traditional HFC refrigeration systems

Environmental Protection

Environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant and foam material LBA

Dual refrigeration system, double safety and optimal reliability

Double independent hydrocarbon refrigeration system design, each system can maintain -80ºC ensuring the safety of stored samples


Low Noise Design

Optimised systems and noise-reducing cabinet design lower noise out to 53dB for a quieter working experience

Adjustable Sample Loading Tray (Optional)

The adjustable height sample load tray provides users with a convenient place to hold samples while opening and accessing storagecompartments

Intelligent Control

10.1-inch high-performance touch screen, sensitive touch operation. Users can check the real-time operating status via IoT


Model Capacity (L/Cu.Ft) Temperature Range (ºC) Power Supply (V/Hz) Exterior Dimensions (W*D*H)(mm) Shelves/ Inner Doors Certification Power Consumption
DW-86L728BPST 728/25.7 -40~-86 100~230/50/60Hz 1046*998*1980 3/4 CE/UL/Energy Star 8.4
DW-86L578BPST 578/20.4 -40~-86 100~230/50/60Hz 895*998*1980 3/4 CE/UL/Energy Star 7.0
DW-86L828BPST 828/29.2 -40~-86 100~230/50/60Hz 1145*998*1980 3/4 CE/UL/Energy Star 10.4