• Display shows user and patient names or IDs for increased patient safety
  • Outstanding precision and high-speed measuring thanks to perfected ultrasound technology
  • Large platform made of tested seca Bearclaw Glass® for absolute breakage resistance and perfect hygiene
  • IIlluminated LED footprints in the weighing platform show patients the correct standing position for accurate height measurement
  • Voice guidance to support the measurement process
  • Safe weighing with a stable handrail
  • Optional panda bear facilitates measuring and weighing of children
  • EMR-validated: transmit measured data directly to any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system

The seca Scale-up Line is probably the most modern and pioneering option for determining size and weight. Firstly on account of the contactless, fast, and high-precision ultrasonic measurement. Secondly because of the ID-Display, which shows the names or IDs of patients and users during data transfer to the digital patient record (EMR). This measuring station from the seca Scale-up Line is therefore the ideal choice for EMR-integrated weighing and measuring.