Mindray UMEC Patient Monitor



Optimized uses at your fingertips

With Mindray’s 30-year experience in patient monitoring, uMEC series patient monitors cater to clinical needs by offering precise and stable measurement of essential parameters. When monitoring is reliable, you can naturally be more confident with your clinical decisions.

Excellent Performance

  • Mindray’s patented Multi-lead ECG Algorithm
  • NIBP quick-measurement technique
  • Anti-interference SpO2 algorithm
  • External USB storage supported
  • Large capacity for data storage
  • Up to 12-hour continuous runtime with one Lithium-ion battery

Ease of Use

  • Standard touch screen. Easy to use
  • Support gestures operations. Including adjust the screen brightness, adjust the alarm volume and switch a screen
  • Flat UI design. Improve interaction experience
  • Support self-learning. Make it easier for caregivers to use
  • Support EWS, GCS and ECG 24h summary clinical assistive applications. Provide comprehensive analytical results for caregivers
  • Minimum 3.5kg weight with battery
  • Storage space to store accessories, cables etc


  • 0.75 m drop-protection and IPX1 water resistance
  • Low power consumption and fanless design
  • Robust housing resists aging and yellowing, with high corrosion resistance
  • Mindray accessories with quality material and production technique
  • Working temperature is 0~40°C, unaffected by extremes