HYC-390 Pharmaceutical Refrigerator



roduct Features

Standard Pharmacy Refrigerator

Microprocessor Control System

● Microcomputer electronic temperature controller, LED temperature display, the display accuracy is 0.1 ℃.

● Multiple alarm functions like high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor error alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, door ajar, condensor dirty alarm, high ambient temperature alarm, etc.

● Sound and light alarm. The equipment can connected to the remote alarm interface.

● Continuously alarm for 48h after power failure.

Standard Pharmacy Refrigerator


70mm-thick foam insulation layer to provide better insulation
Standard Pharmacy Refrigerator


Standard equipped with a porthole to facilitate the user to test
Standard Pharmacy Refrigerator

Security Lock

Equipped with safety lock with 4 keys, safe storage of drugs.
Standard Pharmacy Refrigerator

Temperature Recorder

Standard equipped with USB, and printer and RS485 interface, etc. are optional.