Crown Healthcare Medical Equipment   Crown Healthcare Medical Equipment
Accurate and timely treatment is only possible with correct diagnosis. Crown Healthcare has gone a step further with setting up a laboratory division.

We are looking to provide correct Laboratory solutions at competitive pricing and with attention to service.
Crown health care showroom

A Section of the new Lab Showroom
Crown Healthcare has taken up the distribution of world class Laboratory solutions for companies such as:
Acon Diagnostics Acon Diagnostics US
for Rapid Tests and Urine Analysis
Olimpus Japan Olympus Japan
for Microscopy.
Biosystems Biosystems Spain
for Diagnostic Reagents
Mindray China Mindray China
for Hematology
mareinfirld Germany Mareinfield Germany
for Quality Glassware
Meditronics Meditronics India
for Imaging Solutions
Mermmet Germany Mermmet Germany
for Laboratory Equipment
crownhealth Care Labex China
for Laboratory Consumables
Kima Italy Kima Italy
for Blood Collection tubes
Crownhealth Care
Crownhealth Care
Crownhealth Care
Crownhealth Care
Crownhealth Care
Crownhealth Care
We hope to provide you with a one stop lab solution Company – so that you can concentrate on your core business – Serving the client.
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